Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "We will be attending several events in the Washington, D.C. area over a period of several days, but we only need to be dropped off early in the day and picked up later in the evening. Do we have to pay for a full day of service?"

A: We offer drop-off/pick-up service at a dramatically reduced rate from our normal day-long service which is typically in excess of 4 hours. Since you only pay for the actual time that is used, and it's rounded to fifteen-minute increments, you will never see any awful surprises on your bill! We charge no hidden fees, and we hide nothing in the fine print. Our customers love taking advantage of both our drop-off/pick-up service and our full-day service, depending on their needs. Call to discuss your concerns, and we'll set your mind at ease.

Q: "We've got a small party of just 16 or so guests... do you have a bus that size?"

A: Absolutely! We have a small bus that is made for up to 16 guests, but we also recommend our larger vehicles if you like them and can afford them. The perks and features are just out of this world, particularly on our largest bus! With many large flat-screen TVs, color-changing lighting features, extra tall ceilings in the lower level, and even a private VIP room in the back of the bus, the perks definitely justify the cost! However, if you are looking for a smaller bus without so many features, our 16 passenger bus will be fine.

Q: "Can we drink and smoke on your DC Party Buses?"

A: Yes and no. You can absolutely bring your own alcohol on board (we provide ice and cups) and enjoy that. That's what a party bus is for, after all! However, we do not allow smoking on our buses in order to keep the furnishings smelling clean and fresh, and out of respect for our non-smoking customers.

Q: "Can we take a look at your insurance papers before we book a bus?"

A: Of course. We are 100% transparent with our customers, and we will be happy to email or fax you our insurance papers, and we welcome you to call our insurance company to verify all the facts too. Your safety and protection is our number one concern, so when you're on the road with us, we spare no expense to keep you safe and happy! We're insured to the fullest extent allowed by law, and we have all the necessary permits and licenses as well. In addition, we only hire professional chauffeurs. Nothing but the best for you.

Q: "Where do I get party bus service in Detroit?"

A: We recommend you going to Detroit Party Bus for all of your inquiries for service there.

Q: "I'm taking a trip to Lexington Kentucky. Who do you recommend for service there?"

A: If you need to get some limousine service there I recommend that you CLICK HERE for your best option.

Q: "I'm going to Baltimore and need some top notch limo and party bus service. Do you know anyone?"

A: Of course we do. We are only minutes from there and we recommend calling Baltimore Limo and they will easily be able to accommodate your request for luxury limo or party bus service for your outing you have in Maryland.

Did we miss any questions that you've got on your mind? Just give us a call or send us an email.