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& pizza

7614 Old Georgetown Rd Bethesda, MD 20814
(240) 800-4783
&pizza is a local pizzeria in the Bethesda that's super popular! Here, you get to create your own pizza with unlimited toppings, and you'll pay a flat rate of nine dollars. You truly can't get much better than that, especially if you happen to have a picky eater or two in the family. The staff is always smiling and willing to walk newcomers through the process so there's no confusion whatsoever. The team here always ensures that you leave here feeling full and happy. This spot is nearly always busy, but that goes to show you about the customer service here. Believe us when we say that the customer service is something to take note of here. This unique eatery will be one that you continously consider for both lunch and dinner in the Bethesda area of Maryland.

Kadhai Boutique Indian Cuisine

7905 Norfolk Ave Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 718-0121
Kadhai Boutique Indian Cuisine is the local Indian restaurant where locals go to enjoy exotic flavors for their lunch and dinner. They have a buffet option here as well as a regular dining experience for dinner. One thing you're really going to want to get your hands on is the delicious naan bread! The saag paneer and butter chicken are two entrees that the locals can't get enough of. The curry dishes are bursting with flavor, and you'll know that you're eating something wholly authentic when dining out here. They have all of the classics to choose from here as well as some authentic dishes you might not have had the pleasure of trying before. Be certain to leave some room for their delicious desserts! We're certain that you're going enjoy eating out here.

Gringos & Mariachis

4928 Cordell Ave Bethesda, MD 20814
(240) 800-4266
Gringos & Mariachis is a Mexican style eatery in the Bethesda area of Maryland. It's also one of the busiest bars in the area! They have some seriously inventive cocktails for you to choose from here, and we know you're going to enjoy the atmosphere that's offered here. They have options like the ginger hisbiscus margarita as well as a jalapeno cucumber flavor. With these options, you can bet that this is a great place to check out with some of your friends when you're looking to let loose for the weekend. Where else can you enjoy options like duck tacos in the area? When you consider the affordable pricing with the large portions, it's easy to see why this should be one of your next choices for a spicy meal in the Bethesda area. Come give it a shot today.

Woodmont Grill

7715 Woodmont Ave Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 656-9755
Woodmont Grill is the local steak house in Bethesda, and they're known for the high quality dining experience that they provide. Whether you're looking for a premium steak cooked to perfection or something a little lighter like a French dip sandwich complete with home made au jus, you're completely in luck here. The wine listing is extensive, the wait staff is artfully trained, and the cooks definitely know what they're doing. Be sure to try out their jumbo lump crab cakes if you're looking for a seafood appetizer to get your meal started with. There's quite a lot to choose from on the menu here, and that means you're going to have to visit a couple of times before you're able to really see what they're all about. Ask if they're offering any specials on drinks tonight!