Nokesville Party Bus

Chuckwagon Restaurant

12846 Fitzwater Dr, Nokesville, VA 20201
A remarkably popular restaurant that has become somewhat of the local watering home in the Nokesville area. It's a place where people from far and wide frequent to share community gossip and general good vibes, fulfilling its initial purpose. When they originally opened the doors at Chuckwagon, they wanted to provide their guests with a warm and friendly environment where people of all backgrounds and creeds could go and enjoy a delicious quality meal, prepared with only fresh ingredients. This is a great place to head to if you're looking to enjoy a great breakfast or brunch on the weekends, and enjoy their 'all you can eat' buffet. And, as a courtesy, they offer a discount for everyone in uniform!

Carini's Pizza

13065 Fitzwater Dr, Nokesville, VA 20201
If you ask just about anyone in the Nokesville area where the best place in the area is to get pizza, then they will undoubtedly say to you "Carini's Pizza." It's seriously that good. They prepare all of their dough and ingredients fresh each and every day. They opt to only use the most fresh and quality ingredients that they can possibly buy. The recipes for their pizza have been passed down for generations so you can count on their pizzas, and everything else, to have that authentic old world taste to it. They have great pizzas with all sorts of different toppings, your favorites sure to be amongst them. They also have excellent appetizers such as mozzarella sticks and jalapenos poppers. If that's not enough, then you will also enjoy their great selection of beers and wines!

Blue Dog BBQ

10722 Parkgate Dr, Nokesville, VA 20201
If you're a big fan of barbecue food, then you absolutely need to try out Blue Dog BBQ on Parkgate Drive. They serve the best, most authentic pit smoked barbecue around. They are a family owned and operated business right out of Nokesville herself. They take incredibly great pride in preparing their barbecue the old fashioned way -- in hardwood-fired pits with good and healthy ingredients, and with a great amount of time and effort put into it. And the results truly speak for themselves. They smoke their pulled pork barbecue for over twelve hours, and they use a rich blend of hickory and oak wood to smoke it for a rich, full flavor. They make sure to use only the most fresh and finest ingredients, such as natural meats that have no preservatives, and their very own signature dry rub. In addition to these, they also have slow smoked ribs, beef brisket, chicken, sausage, and so on!

Aka Sushi

10474 Bristow Center Dr, Bristow, VA 20136
A remarkable, cozy family restaurant that is beloved by seasoned sushi fans, as well as sushi newbies, Aka Sushi is truly a total package when it comes to Sushi restaurants. They have been in business for over 3 years now, and have become a fantastic staple in the Nokesville area. They specialize in both traditional, beloved Sushi rolls, as well as signature rolls that are unique only to Aka Sushi! They have incredibly great deals that are very reasonably priced. You will also love some of their great appetizers like the Shumai or the Aka Ball! Everything about Aka Sushi is fantastic, and everything we love in a good restaurant!