Herndon Party Bus

Stone's Cove Kitbar

2403 Centreville Rd, Herndon, VA 20201
A brand new, unique interactive dining experience, Stone's Cove Kitbar is a brilliant innovation to the bustling Herndon restaurant scene. They bring the concept of a Kitbar to the area, which is something that the metro D.C. area has never seen before. The KitBar combines the design of a kitchen and a bar, and creates a large communal table that surrounds the restaurant's kitchen. This puts the guests right in the middle of the action and allows them to appreciate the culinary arts in the best way possible. It is a fantastic atmosphere where their guests can enjoy fantastic food and drinks, enjoy each others' company, and give themselves energy to take on the rest of their week!

Jimmy's Old Town Tavern

697 Spring St, Herndon, VA 20200
Priding themselves on being a very "Cheers" like restaurant, Jimmy's Old Town Tavern is the place where all of the locals go in order to feel a certain level of camaraderie It's a place where all of the residents of the Herndon area are happy to frequent, as the servers and staff of Jimmy's Old Town Tavern make an effort to get to know them on a first name basis. They serve fantastic food such as juicy burgers that have been cooked to perfection, chicken wings that are plump, tender, and fall off the bone, and fries that have been fried perfectly. You also will love their drink selections. From tons of different beers, wines, and specialty cocktails that you are sure to love. We love just about every aspect of this eclectic, personable tavern.

The Wiener’s Circle

348 Victory Dr, Herndon, VA 20200
If you love hot dogs and sausages and are looking for the best place around to grab some, then look no further than The Wiener's Circle! They consider themselves the ultimate hot dog experience and it is difficult to argue with that distinction. The folks over at The Wiener's Circle have truly perfected the art of making hot dogs. They have over 12 hot dogs and sausages and over 40 different, and completely free toppings. There are virtually limitless options when it comes to mixing and matching what kind of hot dog you'd like to enjoy. You can enjoy some New York and Chicago style gourmet dogs and sausages, as well as some unique specialty sandwiches like the Tubin or Chili Mac Dog. There is something for just about everyone over at The Winer's Circle.

Balaji Cafe

298 Sunset Park Dr, Herndon, VA 20200
One of the most beloved Indian Restaurants in all of the Herndon area, Balaji Cafe is a fantastic example of exactly what a restaurant should strive to be. They offer a very personable and friendly service, with a clear passion for their food and their customers as well. They offer vegan and vegetarian foods using only organic and the most fresh possible ingredients. They have been in business for nearly four decades, and have staked their claim as a fantastic staple in the Herndon community. You will find a fantastic range and diversity of delicious vegetarian cuisines that are ripe with natural and all sorts of different flavors and spices. Their food comes from recipes of South and North of INdian, specializing in popular Indian street food such as Dosa Uttapam, salads, sandwiches, and so on. There are so many great things about Balaji Cafe, but don't take our word for it: go find out for yourself!