Germantown Party Bus

Curry Place

12951 Wisteria Dr Germantown, MD 20874
(301) 972-1005
Curry Place is an Asian Fusion style restaurant in Germantown, and it has a lot of different cuisines being churned out from the talented kitchen staff. This spot has Indian, Himalayan, and Nepalese food, and they've been getting rave reviews since they opened. The locals can't get enough of the lamb saag, butter chicken, ghost chicken, cheesy naan bread, as well as the weekday buffet special that allows you to get customized portions of all of your favorite foods. It's even under ten dollars, which is truly a steal when you consider how much food you're able to eat, and the quality in which it is served. The servers are knowledgeable about the cuisine if this is your first time.

Beers and Cheers

19827 Century Blvd Germantown, MD 20874
(301) 916-6444
Beers and Cheers is a local deli, but with a twist! While you're shopping for premium meats, you can also check out their outstanding collection of beer, wine, and liquor. Locals call this the best beer store in the area, and we can't disagree with that! They go above and beyond, especially because they provide sandwiches like their steak and cheese! The Italian submarine sandwich is another great option to pick up for your next lunch hour. The efficient staff are also able to take custom orders, so it's always a good idea to support this local business in the Germantown area of Maryland. If you ever need a keg for your party, this is always a good spot to check out.

Royal Bagel Bakery

19725 Germantown Rd Germantown, MD 20874
(301) 428-1888
Royal Bagel Bakery is another deli style establishment to consider for a quick lunch, dinner, or shopping trip for the upcoming week. This bakery also has freshly made donuts and baked goods to munch on! Whether you're getting a dozen donuts to share with your office friends or looking for a quick lunch hour escape, this should be on your list to visit. When you get a lunch special here, it even comes with a free donut, and you can't beat that deal! The well organized interior makes your selections easy to find, and the friendly staff are happy to assist you if you need it. There are even booths for you to sit in and enjoy your selections, so come give Royal Bagel a shot today.

Milano’s Pizza & Pasta

13220 Wisteria Dr Germantown, MD 20874
(301) 540-9191
Milano's Pizza & Pasta is an Italian style restaurant with some delicious pizza and pasta for you to consider for your next lunch or dinner! This is New York style pizza, so you can expect a thinner crust and fresh toppings. The prices are always on point here! When you consider the quality of the food that you're eating, it's easy to see why so many locals choose this spot. There are also other menu options like their chicken parmesan and lasagna. They offer delivery, so this is also a convenient and efficient pizzeria. They even offer catering services, so this is also a good choice to consider if you're throwing a large party with family and friends. This will be a new favorite.